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San Diego Alcohol Rehab 

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San Diego alcohol rehab centers specialize in providing substance abuse treatment through outstanding alcohol addiction treatment centers. The main priority is setting patients up with long-term success in overcoming their drug and alcohol addictions.
Many alcohol detox and rehab centers offer extensive treatment through outpatient rehab programs, treatment planning, and sober living options. The inviting location in San Diego is a sunny oasis in a stunningly beautiful area. It is the ideal venue for anyone battling addiction. The calming San Diego area allows you to focus on the necessary treatment for a successful recovery. Lasting sobriety for all patients is the ultimate goal for San Diego Alcohol Rehab.  Once your treatment is complete, there are a variety of programs to help with transitioning to a sober lifestyle.

Top Treatment Center in San Diego

The difference-maker at San Diego alcohol rehab is the tenured medical staff that is invested in the recovery of anyone who visits a professional alcohol addiction treatment center. It is important to place your sobriety in the hands of well-trained professionals who have the necessary tools and skills to help you on this journey. Many board-certified professionals seek to understand the unique needs of their patients, in turn creating a personalized treatment plan for every individual.
The comprehensive treatment at San Diego rehab centers paired with the beautiful locations is the ideal place to begin or continue the journey to sobriety. Withdrawal from alcohol is not something that should be faced alone. Seek out trained professionals who can provide the guidance and treatment needed for a successful recovery. 

Extensive programs include outpatient rehab, sober living resources, and substance abuse treatment. In addition, there are a tremendous number of resources for all individuals that visit an alcohol addiction treatment center.
Find a treatment center in San Diego that has top-rated resources and accommodations. Even if you find rehabs in areas surrounding San Diego, there is help available.
At Opus Treatment we are a leader in our field.  We pride ourselves on the exceptional service and treatment that can be provided. The individuals we treat are at the heart of everything we do. Your preferences, comfort, and health are taken into account through every step of the process here. The ultimate goal is to ensure long-term success for all of our patients through world-class substance abuse treatment.

Is an Outpatient Treatment Option Right For You?

Often, alcohol withdrawal can lead to extreme symptoms. For those that experience extreme withdrawal, being under professional care during the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may be necessary. An Outpatient Rehab may be the best option for individuals who can face alcohol withdrawal on their own.
Outpatient programs consist of treatment options that fit your schedule. You still have the ability to carry out your daily commitments such as attending work or school. The two main types of outpatient treatment include:

  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Intensive Outpatient Rehab.


You may be questioning if you can face alcohol withdrawal on your own. The first couple of days after quitting alcohol can be very unstable. If you think you may need additional support during withdrawal from alcohol it may be a good idea to reach out to a treatment center to consider your options. Good alcohol rehab can assess your situation, and help you determine what treatment option will be most beneficial for you. 

Treatment Options at San Diego

Outpatient Rehab is an effective treatment option that allows more flexibility than traditional treatment options. Finding a treatment option that fits into your lifestyle, while still maintaining a focus on sobriety is important. San Diego alcohol rehabs aim to help with your recovery in whatever is going to be most effective for you. 

Outpatient Rehab

We understand that there are many obligations in everyday life. It can be challenging to stray away from personal, family, and work commitments during the treatment process. Unfortunately, this leads to individuals not seeking the help and support they need to overcome alcohol addiction.
The benefit of outpatient rehab is that you are able to carry out all of life’s commitments while still attending a treatment program. An outpatient treatment option offers flexible meeting times designed to fit in with your schedule. You are still able to attend work, spend time with family, and be active in the community. Life can progress normally, but you can still focus on your alcohol addiction.

Outpatient rehab differs greatly from an inpatient program.  Individuals enrolled in an inpatient program must live at the facility in which they are receiving treatment for a set amount of time. Having around-the-clock support from staff can be helpful for some, but an inpatient rehab does place a lot of restrictions on your schedule and life. For those who can handle treatment without living in a facility, outpatient rehab is an excellent choice. It offers the flexibility that many need to continue living their daily lives. Outpatient rehab is a treatment option that allows freedom, while still maintaining an active focus on recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

For those that do not require around-the-clock supervision but still need support while overcoming an alcohol addiction, an Intensive Outpatient Rehab program can be very beneficial. Intensive Outpatient Rehab offers the highest levels of care and support.
An Intensive Outpatient Rehab is more extensive than the standard Outpatient Rehab option. Daily visits are typically required in order to ensure the success of your treatment. Individuals that seek Intensive Outpatient Rehab, usually have more advanced challenges in overcoming an alcohol addiction but do not require the around-the-clock treatment that is provided through Inpatient Rehab.

If you have a supportive home environment with minimal triggers, an Intensive Outpatient Rehab program may be the ideal treatment option for you. Our treatment options at Opus Health offer the supportive framework needed to successfully overcome alcohol addiction. Having loved ones support your journey at home is also very beneficial to positive treatment outcomes.
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