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Opus Health, a renowned addiction treatment center specializing in drug and alcohol recovery, recognizes that commencing the journey towards rehabilitation can be an overwhelming endeavor. Nevertheless, our unwavering commitment lies in ensuring you never experience a sense of disorientation or solitude throughout this crucial process. With our facility dedicated to serving the needs of Irvine and the broader Southern California region, we prioritize the well-being of our patients through a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery.

At Opus Health, we firmly endorse the myriad benefits of medically supervised detoxification, and our central objective is to provide you with the most proficient addiction recovery team in Southern California. What distinguishes us from other rehab centers is our devoted and compassionate medical staff, available around the clock throughout our detox and inpatient programs. Our team of highly skilled nurses and specialized personnel vigilantly oversees the progress of each patient, ensuring your safety and welfare during the detoxification phase.

Our commitment transcends the physical facets of recovery. Opus proudly boasts a dedicated team of therapists, psychologists, nurses, and other professionals who are perpetually accessible to offer guidance and support during your recovery journey. Furthermore, we acknowledge the indispensable role that family plays in the recovery process and prioritize collaborating with our patients’ families to provide an even more robust support system during inpatient drug rehabilitation.

Irvine, California, has its own history with addiction and the demand for treatment. While Opus Health is not physically located in Irvine, we take pride in serving this community and the broader Southern California region. We recognize the significance of addressing not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the crucial dimension of mental health treatment in order to achieve enduring recovery and healing for those we serve.


At Opus Health, we recognize that addiction treatment is a deeply individualized journey with unique needs for each person seeking recovery. One individual’s path to addiction recovery may differ significantly from another’s. For instance, a high-functioning alcoholic may find the support they need through a medically supervised detox and an outpatient treatment program that includes support groups and access to psychologists. On the other hand, someone struggling with long-term meth or opiate addiction may require specialized medication-assisted treatments, extended inpatient rehabilitation, and long-term residential options to achieve lasting sobriety. If you feel that conquering addiction alone is a daunting task, you can rely on us to connect you with the essential resources and support. Through your commitment to working with Opus Health, you will acquire the self-esteem and life skills necessary to leave your former self behind and embark on a journey towards a balanced, drug-free life.

  • Alcohol Detox
  • Fentanyl Detox
  • Xanax Detox
  • Opiate Detox
  • Heroin Detox
  • Prescription Drugs Detox
  • Benzo Detox
  • 12 Step Program
  • Family Therapy
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Developmental Trauma
  • Meth Detox
  • Cocaine Detox
  • Couples Detox
  • Men’s Detox
  • Women’s Detox 
  • LGBTQ+ Detox
  • Addiction Aftercare
  • Clinical Support
  • Life Coach
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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Towards Residential Treatment

At Opus, our residential treatment program stands as a beacon of comprehensive mental health care & Substance Abuse Treatment. Through a blend of a structured and supportive living environment and personalized therapeutic services, individuals receive an intensive and all-encompassing level of care to guide them on the path to wellness.


What causes drug and alcohol addiction?

The causes of addiction are complex and multifaceted. They can include genetic factors, environmental influences, psychological and emotional issues, and exposure to substances. Addiction often results from a combination of these factors, and it can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background.

Can addiction be cured?

Addiction is a chronic disease, and while it cannot be “cured” in the traditional sense, it can be managed successfully. With the right treatment, support, and lifestyle changes, individuals can achieve and maintain long-term recovery. It’s important to understand that ongoing support and vigilance are typically required.

What are the signs of addiction in a loved one?

Signs of addiction can vary but may include changes in behavior, such as increased secrecy, neglect of responsibilities, and withdrawal from social activities. Physical signs can include changes in appearance and health, like weight loss, erratic sleep patterns, or poor hygiene. Frequent mood swings, financial problems, and a preoccupation with obtaining and using the substance are also common signs.

What treatment options are available for addiction?

Treatment options for addiction vary depending on the individual’s needs. They can include detoxification, inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs, counseling and therapy, medication-assisted treatment, support groups, and aftercare services. The most effective treatment plans are typically tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the person seeking help.

Is it possible to recover from addiction without professional help?

While some individuals may achieve recovery without professional intervention, it is generally more challenging and less likely to be successful. Addiction is a complex condition that often requires specialized treatment and support. Seeking help from addiction professionals significantly increases the chances of achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety.

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