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Most PPO Insurance Policies Accepted

24/7 Medical Assistance

24/7 Medical Assistance

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Recovery can be overwhelming, but we make sure you don’t have to feel lost or alone. Our goal is to serve you with the most professional addiction recovery team in Southern California.

One thing that sets us apart from other rehabs is our caring medical staff available 24/7 during our detox and inpatient programs. Nurses and other specialty staff supervise the progress of each patient, ensuring you are safe and provided for during the detox process.

Opus’ staff of therapists, psychologists, nurses, and other professionals are always available in the recovery process. We also prioritize working with our patients’ families for deeper support through inpatient drug rehab.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

Opus Addiction Treatment Programs

First Stage of Detox: Cleansing Substances from the Body

We understand addiction treatment can be different for each individual. One person’s addiction recovery needs might look completely different from someone else’s. For example, a high-functioning alcoholic may require detox followed by an outpatient treatment program with support groups and psychologists. Alternatively, a longterm meth or opiate addict will likely require a specific medically-assisted detox, extended inpatient rehab, and future residential option to get their sober life back.

If you feel inadequate of your ability to get sober from addiction on your own, you can trust that we help clients get the resources and help they need. With a willingness to learn and work through Opus treatment, you’ll develop the self-esteem and life skills you need to leave your former self behind for a balanced, drug-free life.

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  • Medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox
  • Inpatient Drug Rehab
  • Outpatient Treatment Programs
  • Sober Living Homes
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Our Unique Approach

We believe that your body, mind, and soul are all connected. Therefore, each of these aspects needs nurturing while undergoing withdrawal, detox, and recovery. Our programs give you access to overall support and therapy through it all.

Our rehab center is one of many luxury rehabs in Orange County, CA. We make sure to extend treatment that addresses the underlying challenges that contribute to addiction, including past trauma, mental health issues/dual diagnosis, and co-dependency. We don’t try to mask the surface of addiction; we strive to guide you through recovery from the inside out.

Encouraging Environment Toward Recovery

Opus Healthcare is located in beautiful Costa Mesa, southern California. We’re not your typical depressing, sterilized treatment environment. Out center is full of natural light, comfortable furnishings, and a full kitchen.

We welcome you to come tour our facility and find out why Opus is the greatest place for you or your loved one to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Our clients deserve the best while receiving the care they need to get free from substance abuse for good.

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