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To inspire and empower individuals and families affected by addiction

Opus Treatment works with you to help get you on solid ground as we help you rebuild your life into something productive and meaningful. You are probably feeling very inadequate about your ability to fight drug or alcohol addiction on your own. Are you afraid to reach out for help because you feel you might be judged? Our treatment center welcomes people just like you; addicts struggling to free themselves from debilitating addictions.


Are you looking for serenity? Our treasured counselors are always available for support and input when you feel unsure about your heroin treatment program in Costa Mesa. We are excited that you have chosen to join the Opus Treatment family. We have traveled the same bumpy recovery road that you are about to begin, so we know your hopes and fears. Recovery should not have to be overwhelming and you will not have to go through it alone.


At Opus Treatment, we help clients leave their former self behind, as they begin to rebuild self-esteem and confidence in who they are.  Having a positive attitude about your treatment program at Opus is important. Our rehab staff includes therapists, psychologists, counselors and specialty staff, all of whom have experience with addiction either vocationally or personally. We have worked hard to provide our clients with the most professional addiction recovery team in Southern California. We work with our client’s families, offering additional support services during your inpatient drug rehab.

Opus Addiction Treatment Programs

Opus Treatment has several different programs specifically designed to assist you during your drug detoxification, inpatient drug rehab, and outpatient treatment programs, all available through Opus treatment.  We understand that your addiction treatment for alcoholism may not follow the same recovery route as another’s, but the same basic principles exist in order for a meth treatment program to be successful. There are some drug addictions that are much more difficult to navigate than others, such as opiates and crystal meth abuse. We offer clients different treatment options. You may not need inpatient drug rehab, although most of our clients do. Perhaps outpatient drug rehab is a better fit for your type and level of addiction. The reality is that most of our clients check in as drug and alcohol detox patients, and transition on to inpatient drug rehab once the initial drugs are cleared from the body. The timeline of drug detox can vary from person to person. You may have been using for a long period and built tolerances to your drug of choice. Your experience in detox will differ from another who has become addicted to substances with lesser symptoms.


Many of our clients come to us without the basic life skills to prevent or lessen the likelihood of drug addiction from taking hold, contributing to current addiction level. Drug and alcohol addiction will change your personality, and cause basic behavioral changes that often lead to homelessness, unemployment, health issues and problems with the law. Because there are many drug addiction centers in Costa Mesa, our goal has always been to set ourselves apart as a preferred choice for addicts and their loved ones.


One of the first things you will notice about our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs is our unique approach. We believe that your body, mind, and soul all need nurturing while undergoing the stress of drug detoxification and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. We have developed our program over the years to give you access to support systems and therapies other treatment centers cannot.


Recovery from Addiction requires you to be willing to be transparent and honest about your drug, alcohol or abusive pasts. The process of treatment must begin at the bottom and work its way up to true success. Because this type of treatment can be overwhelming and cause you to relive painful experiences, our counselors are here to help navigate every step of your journey. Some clients come to us directly from their homes, and others are involuntarily checked in due to court orders, and all are welcomed to a judgment-free space where real healing can begin.


Looking for luxury rehab in Orange County, CA that is a good fit for you can be a process. In order to separate our rehab center from the crowd, we extend treatments to include dual diagnosis and co-dependency. We encourage you to bring your loved ones to visit Opus Healthcare before completing your intake paperwork. Sometimes your friends and family can identify program strengths that you may be unaware of. It is important to remember that your loved ones have walked your addiction journey with you, often at great sacrifice to themselves. Opus Treatment and your support system want the best possible treatments for you as you go through drug detox and drug withdrawal symptoms.


Opus Healthcare is a beautiful facility in Costa Mesa, completely designed to accommodate the unique needs of our inpatient drug rehab clients. Many ask us if our facilities are dark and depressing, so we encourage you to come tour our center and find out for yourself. Full of natural light, comfortable furnishings, and a full kitchen, we believe our clients are treated to the best while in our care.

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Continue to focus on the future as you begin to take steps towards sobriety. Keeping your eyes on the goal will always give you something to work for.

For many just like you, the choice to seek addiction recovery in a residential rehab center literally saves family bonds.

Keeping healthy while in an Aftercare program gives you more control over triggers and potential relapse.