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What Is Alcohol Detox?

What Is Alcohol Detox?

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Many drug and alcohol treatment centers offer both an alcohol and drug detox treatment program. For many individuals, substance abuse treatment plans have begun with a medically supported detox program as the initial phase of their addiction treatment process. Opus Treatment Center in Costa Mesa is equipped to provide evidence-based drug rehab care services by certified health care professionals.

The effects of an alcohol detox program are characterized by industry experts as part of a natural process the body experiences. As part of residential treatment, the effects of the detox process take place within the body immediately following the sudden attempt to eliminate any traces of the harmful substances and toxins from the system.

In the prime treatment setting of Orange County, California, alcohol detox at our Costa Mesa facility can be accompanied by medication, professional monitoring, and counseling to preserve the mental health of each patient.

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3 Common Steps of The Detox Process

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment to evaluate the patient’s past psychiatric history and medical past. This is of the utmost importance to ensure the correct protocols and treatment plans are put in place.

The use of different medications is common among many addiction centers, including Opus Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA. In many of these cases, detox programs include medications that provide similar effects to those of alcohol. This is done in an attempt to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms that can last through to outpatient treatment programs.

The patient could undergo a variety of medical and psychological therapy options. All counseling is done with the goal in mind of helping each patient reach a balance within themselves to ease the strains addiction can cause on an individual’s mind and body.
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What Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Among the numerous signs of alcohol addiction with an individual, one of the most apparent and visible indications that show an alcohol dependency had developed is the user being seen to experience withdrawal symptoms when not consuming alcohol. The experiencing of alcohol withdrawal comes after a person decides to stop drinking alcohol suddenly after long-term and excessive alcohol use.

As time goes on, the brain and body become dependent on the various drinking patterns as well as the frequency. When an individual chooses to stop drinking all of a sudden, the user’s body is then deprived of the alcohol-causing effects. It requires a readjustment period for the body to get back to being able to function correctly without it.
Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms a patient may experience during a detox program depends on many significant factors. The severity and for how long alcohol was abused are two of the main factors.

Mild withdrawal symptoms can show up as early as six hours after alcohol was consumed last. The more severe symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal are possible of occurring within the first two days after someone stops drinking.

All situations are not the same. The most severe withdrawal symptom known by medical professionals is delirium tremens or which is commonly referred to as DT’s. Delirium tremens typically begin 48 to 72 hours after the last sip of alcohol was taken. Only about 5% of people with alcohol withdrawal experience this dangerous symptom, but do not be mistaken, and it should be treated very seriously.

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Mild withdrawal symptoms:
The more severe symptoms:
Symptoms specific to DT’s:

After Alcohol Detox Treatment

Being merely the initial phase of the addiction treatment process, it also provides the opportunity for the mind and body to heal in safe and healthy ways under the care of industry professionals. To find out more about our Costa Mesa alcohol detox programs offered at Opus Treatment, please contact one of our dedicated treatment specialists today so we can answer any questions and address any concerns.
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