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Substance Abuse in Newport Beach California

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Throughout the state of California over the years, there has been an unfortunate rise in hospitalizations and other types of emergency department visits because of drug and alcohol-related issues. Despite being located in the heart of Orange County, the beautiful city of Newport Beach has had its fair share of unique and specific challenges in terms of mental health and drug addiction problems among its residents. To put it into a little context, just in the short years between 2011 and 2015:

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One advantage that Newport Beach, California has to offer is the abundance of addiction treatment services, medical professionals and sober living options. This is attractive and extremely beneficial to individuals and their families who are desperately seeking relief from their harmful habits of addiction at the best treatment centers.

Opus Health offers an industry-leading alcohol rehab center equipped with the appropriate levels of care for each patient and their unique condition. We offer intensive outpatient medical detox and practice evidence-based practices.

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Is Location Important For Rehab?

The results of various studies and our own experience show that being able to enjoy the outdoors during the recovery process is beneficial to the patient. More often than not, human nature causes us to want to spend more time indoors in colder climates. While receiving residential treatment or engaging in one of the intensive outpatient programs at our rehab facility in a beautiful and sunny Newport Beach recovery center, patients naturally want to spend free time exercising or participating in other recreational activities and therapy services.

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Although the treatment facility’s location may seem to be a smaller issue at the moment, it is capable of establishing the firm foundation at the beginning of the recovery process with experienced and compassionate professionals. The extra motivation and encouragement provide a safe and more comfortable environment for addiction treatment programs to the patients as well.

Common Newport Beach Drug Addiction Rehab Options

Seeking addiction treatment and recovering from the dangerous grasp of addiction or alcohol abuse comes with a great deal of coping skills and challenges. We take this fact seriously and believe that providing the right drug rehab centers and necessary accommodations with addiction specialists can genuinely make all the difference in one of our Newport Beach treatment centers. Typically, combinations of addiction treatment coupled with individual or group therapy are the most common approaches to most patients.

Being able to achieve the right recipe of these makes the chances of reaching and sustaining a full and healthy recovery more probable. When looking for the best possible drug rehab options and treatment centers, doing your research can help ensure that you or your loved one will be getting the most appropriate forms of treatment that match up with the specific symptoms that are being exhibited. 

A couple of universal treatment options for recovering addicts that are offered at most alcohol treatment and rehab facilities include:

Inpatient or Residential Rehab

Inpatient rehab programs have proven to be optimal opportunities for many people to turn their lives around. The round-the-clock care that the staff at Opus Health provides during inpatient rehab makes a significant difference during each patient's stay. It ensures that doctors are readily available to assist with any complications or co occurring disorders that arise during the detox process and all other aspects of treatment that are experienced during the intensive outpatient program in southern California.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Prior to the mid-1990s, doctors and other industry professionals were known to treat individuals struggling with substance use disorder and drug abuse separate from those suffering from one of the many mental health disorders. The term dual-diagnosis refers to the people who find themselves struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction or substance use disorders, along with mental health issues at the same time. Opus Health can recommend dedicated professionals and provide dual diagnosis treatment at their newport beach recovery center appropriately so that individuals can recover from both treatment programs in a safe and welcoming environment.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are a mental illness that is known to affect millions of people every year. the stereotypical image of primary teens of young women who struggle with an eating disorder appears to be severely underweight, but that is not always the case with this disorder. Our qualified addiction professionals are trained to understand each aspect and detail of the patient's circumstances and help them with their addiction recovery journey accordingly.

Aftercare Programs for Alcohol Addiction

Reaching the ultimate goal of sobriety, being rid of a drug or alcohol problem is undoubtedly a goal completion worth celebrating. However, having the right tools and resources to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle is just as crucial. A quality partial hospitalization program for alcohol detox helps former patients remain accountable and on the correct track for many years to come. Our proud alumni treatment program is full of individuals ready to lend additional resources to those in need and help them avoid the possibility of relapse at all costs.