What is Medical Detox?

Medically assisted alcohol and drug detox programs will help you on your journey to a full recovery.

Our detoxification programs offer a full

medical team to monitor your vital signs, keep you safe, and mitigate the discomfort caused from drug withdrawal symptoms. 

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After undergoing comprehensive assessment, clients begin their individualized medical detox.
We believe in educating our clients on withdrawal symptoms, medication management, addiction, trauma, and different therapeutic modalities. Additionally, we uphold the values of nutrition, spiritual principles, long-term recovery mindsets, and how to enjoy life again.
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Finding the right drug detox program that is right for you is the starting point on your journey to a successful recovery.
Drug and alcohol detox is the beginning of long-term treatment plan. Drug addiction is a physical and psychological disease, so managing the symptoms while in withdrawal are closely overseen by Opus Health medical staff.
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We want you to feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Your body will be working hard to purge toxins. You may be given medications to help keep you pain-free during withdrawal. Detox attempted at home is rarely successful and can be dangerous. Therefore, Opus Health has inpatient treatment programs to help transition you onto the next phase of recovery.

Costa Mesa Detox Program​

Detox Program

Since drug detox is experienced differently by each individual, you may react to drug withdrawal symptoms and medications for addiction in surprising ways.

Personal Health

The second stage of drug and alcohol detox is restoration and rebuilding the nutrition lost while addicted to drugs. Finding balance following drug addiction and detox is so important for your future and recovery success.

Lifestyle Re-balance

This final step of drug and alcohol detoxification is where your future drug-free life will begin to take shape.

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Opus Health is different than other drug & alcohol treatment centers in Orange County, California. 

We believe in the full-integrated recovery of each individual. We specialize in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), psychological & psychiatric care, daily doctor’s visits, and ongoing support from staff. 

We ensure each patient in our care has the chance to see a full recovery from beginning to long-term sobriety. Our Costa Mesa Rehab Center can help you recover from addiction.

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