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Addiction Treatment​

Drug and alcohol addiction is a physical and psychological disease that requires long-term treatment.  Our Orange County Rehab Center is the perfect place to start recovery.  Our staff are fully licensed and have IMS (Incidental Medical Services) certifications.  This allows us to successfully manage any dangerous or uncomfortable symptoms that may arise during the early stages of rehabilitation.  

Once our detox program has removed your physical dependence on drugs and alcohol, we can begin to treat the emotional and psychological conditions that led to the development of the addiction.

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Medically Supported Detox & Withdrawal Management

Detoxification is the first step of the recovery process. When a patient is physically dependent on a substance, it is essential to manage withdrawal symptoms before more long-term treatments can begin safely.    In certain situations, the side effects of withdrawal can be life-threatening.  An individual’s body will work hard to purge harmful toxins.  This leads to a host of uncomfortable symptoms.  Patients will often be given medication to ease the pain and discomfort caused by these withdrawals.

Alcohol and drug rehab facilities are safe environments where individuals can receive medically supported detoxification using evidence-based techniques.  At Opus Health, clients will receive the highest standards of withdrawal management and medical supervision with 24-hour care for all their needs.

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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center​

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Our drug rehab center in Orange County, CA, offers both alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs.  After undergoing a comprehensive assessment, clients are given their individualized treatment plan.  Opus Health believes in educating clients on withdrawal symptoms, medication management, addiction, trauma, and therapeutic modalities.  Additionally, we emphasize nutrition, spiritual principles, a mindset geared toward long-term recovery, and the importance of enjoying life again.

The Opus Difference

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Who Should Go To Rehab?

Individuals who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse should enroll in a licensed drug and alcohol rehab program. You should always consult a professional if someone is having signs of drug addiction, such as:

First Stage of Rehab: Cleansing Substances from the Body

Since drug and alcohol addiction are experienced differently by each individual, you may react to drug withdrawal symptoms and medications for addiction in surprising ways.


We always put your safety and comfort first, ensuring you are comfortable during the process. During this cleansing stage of detox, your body will begin to expel toxins on its own. This starts with the blood filtering through the kidneys, which then excrete the toxins through your elimination system.

The liver and lungs go through a similar process. While this first stage of detox occurs, foods rich in fiber, such as fruits, grains, and vegetables, are eaten to help clear your digestive tract and deliver much-needed minerals and vitamins.

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Second Stage of Rehab: Personal Health

The second stage of drug and alcohol rehab is restoration and rebuilding the nutrition lost while addicted to drugs. Finding balance following drug addiction and detox is

important for your future and recovery success. You will be served a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains that will work to rebuild the deficits you will likely have. Healthy, lean proteins are some of the best foods for quickly replenishing nutrients in muscle tissue.

During this second detox phase, you will also learn to cook delicious, nutrient-rich recipes designed to boost cellular regrowth further. Our staff will be available to help you with any special requests.

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Third Stage of Rehab: Lifestyle Re-balance

This final step of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is where your future drug-free life will begin to take shape.The healthy dietary changes made during stage two will

continue as new life skills are introduced. For lasting sobriety, a commitment to charting mealtimes, limiting unhealthy social situations, and preventing future exposure to substances are crucial action steps.

This new healthy life will also include therapy, 12-step program involvement, and other outlets for regaining physical and psychological health.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

The length of the detox program can vary for each individual. The average time the process takes is between 3 to 6 days, although for some, it is possible to last weeks.

Following the detox program, the patient can then receive residential addiction treatment. Patients receive 24-hour care in a safe environment at these facilities while experiencing different treatment options. Individuals are provided with professional therapy to help their mental health and achieve long-term recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. 

We want you to feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Detox attempted at home is rarely successful. Therefore, Opus Health rehab centers have residential treatment programs to help transition you onto the subsequent recovery phase. Focused on the future, our team of professionals provides the perfect environment for your drug and alcohol detox.

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