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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Costa Mesa Addiction Rehabs

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The path to recovery is one of commitment and the right mindset to live a substance-free life. Finding a rehab program that aligns with your goals and values is the key to successful addiction recovery. Various treatment options offer the solace needed for a successful recovery, in a safe and welcoming environment. Dual Diagnosis Treatment is the ability to identify and consider the additional psychological disorder during the alcohol and drug abuse treatment process.

Addiction Rates in Costa Mesa, CA

Southern California is renowned for its top-rated treatment centers. Through continued innovation and technology, Costa Mesa addiction rehabs provide excellent treatment services in a smaller setting of beautiful southern California. Many of our clients that have attended our drug and alcohol rehab center at Opus Health have experienced continual long-term success. They have gone on to lead fulfilling lives free from addiction.
Drug and alcohol treatment should never be faced alone. Our professionals offer the support needed to help overcome drug and alcohol abuse in a comforting environment. We place the needs of the individuals visiting our facility first and ensure they are receiving the personalized treatment necessary to battle addiction. Our services include dual diagnosis treatment, residential treatment, sober living accommodations, and many other treatment options.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Individuals with substance use disorders can sometimes have accompanying psychological disorders as well. These are called co-occurring disorders, or “dual diagnoses “. A dual diagnosis treatment can include disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress), and past trauma. These disorders coexist along with addictions at the same time, hence the name. It is important to take these additional disorders into account when formulating a drug and alcohol treatment plan.
A positive outcome is much more likely when all factors are comprehensively considered during treatment. Costa Mesa addiction rehabs witness and offer help for many individuals in dual diagnosis situations. Any good treatment facility, for that matter, should actually provide advanced psychological treatment that alcohol and drug abusers need.

Residential Treatment Plans in Costa Mesa Addiction Rehabs

 Residential rehab treatment occurs when an individual needs monitoring and extra support to overcome alcohol and drug abuse. Soon after starting treatment, many will experience intense withdrawals and symptoms of detoxification. These stages can be very hard on the body and mind alike. It is important to have monitoring and support during the stages of detoxification in order to ensure the patient remains safe. These crucial stages of alcohol and drug abuse treatment should be overseen by experienced professionals.

At Opus, we strive to offer the safety and comfort needed during these initial stages of withdrawal. Staff will work with you one-on-one and in group sessions to learn strategies on how to cope psychologically and emotionally without using drugs and alcohol. Our professionals provide counseling, education, and group therapy that are beneficial to long-term treatment success.
Many individuals find the removal from everyday life to be necessary on the starting road to recovery. Inpatient and residential treatment give you the peace of mind needed to focus on yourself and get the help you need to overcome addiction. Many Costa Mesa addiction rehabs like our residential treatment center give exceptional accommodations to ensure you can focus on what is most important: getting clean.

Transition to Sober Living

Once abstinence from drugs and alcohol is achieved after detox , many clients find it helpful to transition to a sober living facility. A sober living home provides structure around everyday life. At the same time, individuals have a lot of freedom while staying at a sober living residence.
While in a sober living home, you are able to do many activities outside the home. These include the ability to attend recreational activities, work, and visit friends and family just as you would in everyday life. The advantage of a  sober living house is that you continue to have the treatment resources such as counseling and the 12 step program easily accessible to you in these early stages of recovery. The rate of relapse is lower in individuals that choose to live in a sober living home prior to fully transitioning back to society.
In addition to long-term recovery success, sober living homes also offer a framework of like-minded individuals often living in the same home. Many choose to take advantage of the support they have to develop additional life skills such as budgeting, job searching, fitness, and communication.

Should You Choose a Costa Mesa Addiction Rehab?

When seeking drug and alcohol abuse treatment it is important to choose a location that takes psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing into account. Safety and comfort is the top priority of many Costa Mesa addiction rehabs. We understand that starting treatment is the hardest step that most will take. Once you have made that decision, it is our goal to equip you with the tools and guidance needed for long-term success.
Opus Health strives to provide caring treatment while promoting a self-fulfilling way of life for all the individuals who seek our care. In other words, we believe that everyone has the ability to be the best version of themselves after giving up a life of addiction. We are simply here to help guide you on your path to a rewarding recovery in every step.
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