Benefits of Teen Rehab: What Parents Need to Know

The benefits of teen rehab may seem obvious, but when you’re in the middle of a hectic situation you may start to question your better judgment. One of a parent’s worst nightmares is seeing their child become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals  “by the time they are seniors, 70% of high schoolers will have tried drugs.”  The benefits of teen rehab last a lifetime, and since addiction is a long-term disease, learning the skills to control an addiction while still young is very beneficial.

Some people will argue that experimenting with drugs and alcohol is “just part of growing up.” While substance use can be innocent as “part of growing up” for some people, others with a genetic predisposition to addiction are taking the first steps towards a difficult life.

Recognizing the symptoms of addiction in a teenager and intervening at the right time can significantly reduce the adverse effects of a substance use disorder on the adolescent’s life. 


What are the Benefits of Teen Rehab?

Parents and teenagers are often misinformed about going to addiction treatment centers for drug or alcohol addiction treatment. The thought of your child going to rehab for drug or alcohol addiction treatment can be frightening and sometimes comes with a stigma. It is important to keep in mind the goal of doing what is best for your children and that the benefits of teen rehab far outweigh the stigma.

A teen recovery program can provide a wide range of effective treatment options for teens and their families. Here are a few advantages that you can reap by admitting your child to the addiction treatment programs:


1. A Fresh and New Environment

When a teen signs up for an addiction treatment drug rehab, they may have a range of underlying issues like low self-esteem, co-occurring mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc.), physical health problems, and often feel guilty or ashamed for being a burden on their family members (both emotionally and financially.)


2. Space to Breathe

When a teen is struggling with addiction, the entire family is affected. Now when the teen enters a substance abuse treatment, it gives the whole family a much-needed break away from the daily tensions that arise due to addiction. 

Parents get a chance to step back and take a deep breath to focus on rebuilding. This physical distance between family members can help start a healing process, not just for the teen but also for the family. 


3. A Flexible Learning Opportunity

Teens are generally more flexible and open to new ideas and plans for life than adults. They are still open to change since they have not lived a life filled with drug or alcohol use. One of the benefits of addiction treatment facilities is that teen thinking can be molded more easily when they receive treatment.

Girl Standing in nature appreciating the Benefits of Teen Rehab

Teens are young, full of energy, and often able to absorb new information better and learn quickly. When put in the right environment, and given the right type of therapy, they can be guided to adopt healthier behavior patterns. This type of therapy also teaches them skills and techniques to maintain sobriety after they finish the program.  


4. Healthy Structure and Order

When you’re actively using drugs, the state of your life is usually in chaos. Rehabs, on the other hand, are very structured and organized. While in rehab, the teen will have to stick to a strict program and be held accountable to conform to the schedule. 

Most kids thrive when they follow a structured routine because their days will be structured for years while being in school. Knowing what to expect each day helps to keep life from feeling out of control. This healthy structure helps teens develop a sense of responsibility.

One of the biggest benefits of teen rehab stems from the fact that a significant part of addiction treatment is about education. Using evidence-based tactics the teens will develop  healthy habits and learn relapse prevention techniques that they will utilize for the rest of their lives and will help them achieve long-term sobriety. If they learn these habits and techniques while they are still young, they are more likely to incorporate their learnings into their everyday life.


5. Support Through Family and Peers

Since family is an integral part of addiction treatment, almost all teen rehab programs include family therapy and group therapy. This can be very helpful during the teen’s stay at the rehab center and when it’s time for them to come home. 

The family therapy’s final sessions cover how the teen should transition back into family and their social life. The family is guided about what rules are appropriate for parents to establish at home. Family therapy can prove invaluable to creating a healthy environment at home that helps immensely in relapse prevention. 

Support and aftercare are integral towards maintaining long-term sobriety. The benefits of teen rehab are very useful in helping to get sober and learn skills to stay sober, but following up with aftercare groups will keep your skills sharp, and keep your focus on the goal of staying healthy. International fellowships like alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous can help the teen “stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.”


Addiction Treatment for Teens

When your teenager is using drugs, it’s a stressful and worrisome time because drug or alcohol use disorder is a prevalent condition that can be fatal. luckily through health care, and with enough willpower and support, there are treatment programs that can help you achieve long-term sobriety. Addiction itself is not a choice, but recovery is, and you can come out on the other side. Take the steps now so you can stop worrying and start living again. 

Let us help your teen break the chains of addiction and lay a new foundation for the rest of your life. The team at Opus Health ensures each patient in our care has the chance to see a full recovery from beginning to long-term sobriety. Call us at 949-617-0905, or check our admissions page to learn more about the benefits of teen rehab.

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