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What Is Sublocade?​

Since obtaining FDA approval in 2017, Sublocade has become a more and more popular treatment option for opioid-dependent drug addictions. Often used during medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, Sublocade is typically administered in extended-release injection form to patients at the recommendations of doctors or other medically licensed professionals. When receiving Sublocade opioid treatment, patients are given a monthly injection of buprenorphine. 

Opus Health utilizes the use of this medication responsibly and, when necessary, during our comprehensive addiction treatment programs designed to treat individuals struggling with long-term opioid addiction.

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How Sublocade Works?

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Sublocade treatment has been proven to be an effective remedy to treat opioid use disorder, including heroin addiction. Buprenorphine is slowly released throughout the individual’s bloodstream during Sublocade treatment, which is meant to cause a consistent stimulation within the opioid receptors. This is helpful to the patient primarily because this process naturally lessens the intensity of the developed side-effects that are likely being experienced by this time.

Among the most notable of these side-effects includes the wide variety of withdrawal symptoms that appear very soon after the use of opioid drugs is suddenly eliminated from the patient’s life.

After a thorough clinical study conducted by the DailyMed that took place over the 24 weeks, industry professionals have been able to evaluate the treatment options better to be considered for individuals struggling with opioid use disorder. The results concluded that nearly 30% of those who took Sublocade, along with the appropriate 1:1 counseling sessions, chose not to use any other opioid drugs for at least 80% of the remaining time of the study. This result was compared to the dismal 2% of the participants who were chosen to take the placebo, meaning they unknowingly did not receive any treatment.

Using Sublocade During Withdrawal Treatment

When learning the various symptoms and signs that point to the need for opioid addiction treatment, it should be understood that these harmful addictions are capable of affecting the user behaviorally, physically, and psychologically. The most evident and most obvious sign that is commonly seen in society is when the individual appears not to be able to stop taking the drug.

Sublocade is primarily used only as a maintenance resource medication that is intended to target the intense cravings and urges that patients typically experience during opioid withdrawal treatment programs.

Signs & Symptoms of Opiate Use Disorder

Doses of Sublocade needed to treat patients, and their opioid addictions can vary. But more often than not, patients will be given a 300mg injection once a month for two months with at least 26 days separating the doses. These injections are followed by 100mg injections that are also administered once a month and can be continually given for however long your doctor recommends. However, there are some cases where the 100mg dose may not be sufficient and, therefore, not necessary.

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Industry-Leading Sublocade Options Offered By Opus Treatment

The evidence-based addiction recovery methods practiced at Opus Health in Costa Mesa include thorough and comprehensive treatment plans for anyone who finds themself dealing with an opioid use disorder.

If you, a close friend, family member, or someone else you know is suffering from opioid addiction and are considering the use of Sublocade treatment, Opus Health and the laid-back atmosphere in Southern California can be the best solution.

We offer Sublocade injection treatment that can coincide along with the necessary professional therapy support to ensure a positive result. This combination creates just the right psychological support outlets that individuals often need to overcome the overwhelming thoughts and feelings surrounding their opioid addiction. Contact us today to speak with one of our addiction specialists or admissions representatives who can answer all your questions, as well as address any concerns. We are more than happy to provide any information that you will need to learn more about our team and specialized treatment plans.

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