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Should I Use a Sobriety App?

If you’ve considered using a sobriety app, you aren’t alone. Digital solutions are becoming an increasingly popular way to stay accountable, track your progress and begin to make strides in eliminating bad habits. Using sober apps and alcohol apps can have benefits, but also limitations. For example, if you want…

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Mindfulness and Long-Term Sobriety

Mindfulness and long-term sobriety from substance use disorders are two things that can go hand-in-hand with one another. When you’re mindful, you’re living in the present. You’re not letting the mistakes or events of the past define you. You’re also not worrying about the future. You’re thinking about what’s happening…

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3 Ways Social Workers Help

A social worker can be an important ally and source of connection to the community and resources to help your family.  We often think about social workers who provide services through government agencies, which they can, but there are other ways social workers can help. There’s also a misconception that…

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