Treatment for Club Drugs

Club Drugs

What are Club Drugs?


When the sun goes down, and party-goers hit the streets seeking quick thrills, the scene becomes set for some of the most intense and traumatic drug experiences. Nightclubs, concerts, bars, raves, and parties are typical dwellings for this class of psychoactive substances called Club Drugs. Substances that are meant to stimulate the senses and heighten the experience of the party can result in serious illness, addiction, injury, or even death. Party settings often lower inhibitions and cause a lack of concern over long and short-term consequences.


Some of these drugs are legal or approved for specific medical use. Still, mostly they are misused and abused, triggering changes in mood, perception, and behavior while simultaneously wreaking havoc on the central nervous system. People also simultaneously use club drugs with more common inhibitors such as alcohol, marijuana, and other hallucinogens.


What are the different types of club drugs?


The most commonly used types of popular club drugs include

  • MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), also called Ecstasy and Molly
  • GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate), also known as G and Liquid Ecstasy
  • Ketamine, also known as Special K and K
  • Rohypnol, also known as Roofies
  • Methamphetamine, also known as Speed, Ice, and Meth
  • LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide), also known as Acid


5 Harmful Effects of Club Drugs


While each club drug has a different extraordinary impact on an individual’s body, they share many characteristics. Effects include:


  1. Effect on your brain: Psychedelic drug use has a damaging impact on your brain’s neurons. They impair your senses that impact memory, coordination, and judgment. Chronic abuse of club drugs causes irreversible damage to serotonin-containing neurons in the brain.
  2. Effect on your body: Physical side effects of club drugs include increased body temperature, loss of motor control, causing paralysis, and blurred vision. They can also cause seizures, which can increase the risk of heart or kidney failure.
  3. Effect on your self-control: Some psychoactive drugs act as sedatives that cause loss of consciousness. Users often lose control over their actions and won’t remember what they said or did while under the influence.
  4. Effect on your daily life: Like the hardest drugs, club drugs can result in drug addiction. Some club drugs tap into your brain’s chemical reserve, leaving nothing left to regulate brain functionality after the drug wears off, resulting in depression, anxiety, insomnia, and withdrawal.
  5. Effect on your relationships: Having a relationship with someone who abuses club drugs is exhausting. When the party is over, and the damage is done, the person is left feeling lethargic, depressed, irritable, difficult to communicate with, and others have trouble being empathetic.


Are Club Drugs used for Date Rape?


Over the years, there has been an increase in reports from young adults at bars that club drugs were used to commit sexual assaults. Colorless, tasteless, and odorless, some club drugs can secretly be added to beverages by individuals who want to take advantage of others. This makes it easier for someone to rape or perform any sexual activity without the victim’s knowledge. Rohypnol is the club drug most commonly used with these sinister intentions.


Club drugs are very powerful. They can affect you very quickly, and you might not know that something is wrong until it’s too late. Alcohol can make the effects of drugs even more robust and can cause serious health problems.


How can I protect myself from unwanted Club Drugs?


You can always protect yourself from being drugged by staying vigilant and alert at all times. Here are a few things that can help you avoid any unwanted experiences with club drugs:


  • Do not leave alcoholic beverages unattended; hold them in your hand always.
  • Don’t accept drinks from other people, especially strangers.
  • Open your drink yourself.
  • Look out for your friends, and ask them to look out for you.


If you notice that you or a friend has been drugged, immediately call a doctor and seek medical detox. Paramedics can screen for date rape drugs up to 72 hours after the incident, so be quick to report when an incident occurs.

Treatment for Club Drugs:

Here at Opus Health, our trained staff are equipped with the knowledge and experience to ease the symptoms of dependence on club drugs. We take the time to understand and address why you’re seeking help and determine the best approach for successful treatment. Counselors can identify the deep-rooted causes of drug dependency and if this substance use disorder is coupled with any other co-occurring conditions, such as depression.  Whether it’s a pharmacological approach, detox assistance, group and individual counseling, education, nutritional guidance, or outside support…

We are here To help.


If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use disorder, let us help you take back control. Take advantage of top-rated accommodations in Orange County, California. Call now and consult with one of our specialists. Help is just a phone call away!

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