Top 6 Sober Influencers of 2019

top sober influencers

With the popularity of social media over the past decade, it seems like a new breed of influencers continues to appear every single day. When you hear the word “influencer” you might think of a beautiful woman posing in a bikini by the beach or a famous YouTuber-turned inspirational speaker who sells their outrageously over-priced courses to fans. But, there is a wide range of people on social media today that the sober world is bound to catch up and put their niche to use. Sober influencers have grown their followings to share honest, funny, and sometimes hardcore truths about the journey to sobriety.

Today we’re sharing some of the most real and inspiring sober influencers of the internet in 2019! Follow away:

1. Holly Glenn Whitaker – Hip Sobriety


Holly began blogging when she first decided to get sober in 2012. She was a  businesswoman in San Francisco who seemed to have it all together. She also battled a secret addiction to alcohol, weed, and bulimia.

While she wanted to get herself into rehab, she couldn’t afford to skip out on her career so decided to take measures into her own hands. She ventured on the path of self-improvement, coaches, a healthy lifestyle, and personal empowerment. Eventually, she realized she created the type of sober recovery program that worked for her personal needs. Today, she uses these methods to help mentor others on their own recovery paths.

Holly is the founder of Join Tempest. This is online recovery support and school for those seeking a new approach to personal sobriety. She now spends her career helping people overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. She is a writer, speaker, and teacher for all who want to learn about addiction and recovery.

You can find Holly on Instagram at @holly.

2. Austin Cooper – founder of Sober Evolution


After a childhood of bullying, Austin grew up and turned to drugs and alcohol to help him cope with his pain and insecurity. After a decade of heavy drinking, his boss invited him to a meeting where he was met by his family for an intervention.

Austin realized his life was out of control and wanted to change for good. He started going to AA, a local 12 step support group, and doing everything he could to get his life back on track.
Shortly after the start of his recovery, he invested in his physical and mental health. Working out and reading books were his saving grace because they allowed him to put his mind to something worthwhile.

In 2016, three years after the start of his recovery, he created an Instagram account to share some of his favorite quotes and spread positivity in the online sober community. Not long after, he turned his page, Sober Evolution, into a brand. Sober Evolution shares stories of recovery sell merchandise, provides free resources, and hosts events and retreats for those in need.

Find Austin and the community at @SoberEvolution.

3. Laura McKowen – Author, Speaker, Sobriety Teacher

laura mckowen

Laura is a blogger and soon-to-be-published author who has been sober from alcoholism for over five years. She is known for her eloquent and healing writings shared through the internet and magazines.

With a long background in advertising, Laura left the drinking scene of her former career and now makes a living hosting online teachings and group coaching for people in recovery.

Her Podcast, Spiritualist, is also one of her more well-known assets in the recovery and spiritual communities.

Follow Laura on Instagram at @Laura_McKowen

4. Annie Grace – author of This Naked Mind

Annie comes from a high-level Marketing background where she fell into alcohol abuse. At 35, she realized her drinking problem was holding her back from pursuing further success. She then admitted herself into a recovery program and wrote a book called, This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, And Change Your Life.

Today, Annie runs a podcast, speaks at treatment centers and events. She also runs her own business that helps people who want to overcome their alcohol abuse. Many of her programs work at rewiring the subconscious mind and past traumas for a better recovery.

Check out Annie and her project on Instagram at @ThisNakedMind.

5. Abigail Lalumandier – The Sober Style

Abigail is a fashion influencer who has been public about her sobriety since 2015. She is passionate about encouraging people in the sobriety collective to overcome addiction and pursue their passion in life. From her personal experience, it’s possible to trade in a life of drugs and alcohol for a dream career that inspires others.

Through sharing her story, she’s encouraged thousands of women who can relate to her. Every day she gets to live her best life she is thankful for staying sober.
Follow Abigail’s fashion & life at @TheSoberStyle

6. Jennifer Gimenez – Model and Actress

Jennifer Gimenez was known for her modeling career and appearance on VH1’s Sober House in 2009. But, what most people don’t know is that she became sober at the age of 29 and has been an advocate in the recovery scene ever since.

Dubbed “one of the nation’s leading experts on addiction” by Recovery Today magazine. Gimenez continues to work not only in acting but in the addiction recovery realm.

Gimenez’s Instagram is at @JenniferGimenez

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Safe to say we can all learn something from each other.

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