Everything You Need to Know About Executive Drug Treatment

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Being a working professional with an important role to fulfill can put a great amount of stress on anybody. According to a National Survey on Drug Use & Health, it’s estimated that 10% of full-time employees will end up suffering from substance abuse as a result of workplace stress. High-level executives, CEOs, and business owners can still face drug or alcohol addiction like any other person. Having an individualized plan at an executive drug treatment center can give men and women entry to the recovery they really need.
Due to this, many rehab facilities have created drug  treatment programs  tailored toward professionals with a specific status to maintain. This article will review everything you need to know about these types of executive programs, with the goal of helping reputable individuals still find a path to recovery.


What is Executive Drug Treatment? ‌

Recovery options for executive drug treatment can come in a variety of forms, whether it’s inpatient, outpatient, sober living homes or support groups. When it comes to rehab facilities, many of them offer specialized programs that are tailored towards unique groups of people, such as women, the previously incarcerated, or, in this case, executives or people with publicly demanding roles.
The term executive generally refers to someone with a high ranking position and responsibilities in a place of business, such as (but not limited to) a CEO. These kinds of individuals are usually professionals in a workplace that keeps them very busy, and they generally have a status quo to fulfill.
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Often, executives will be in charge of many tasks, such as leading and managing large groups of people and projects. This can be a very demanding and stressful role to have. And, as we know, high levels of stress are one of the most common gateway paths to drug addiction. People with executive roles might seek relief in the form of substances such as drugs or alcohol.
Because of this, certain rehab facilities are tailored to executives who suffer from substance abuse. These specialized treatment programs provide several unique benefits that the individuals in these types of roles find essential in order to properly and comfortably go through recovery.

Why do people choose to go to treatment for executives?

Protecting Privacy & Reputation

Individuals with high positions of authority and status can greatly benefit from the discretion and confidentiality that comes with executive addiction treatment. A good program will take the most measures possible to protect your name and image from the scrutiny of the public eye.
In 2008, 23.1 million people were in a place of drug addiction that required treatment. However, statistics show that a large majority of this group, while capable of doing so, did not seek out the treatment they needed.
People with an important status will often suffer from drug abuse in secret, but never seek out help for fear of ruining their reputation. In fact, according to the previous data study, over 24% of these individuals feared a negative reaction from their community or in their workplace if they sought out treatment.
Thanks to executive rehab centers, these people can go through their recovery without fear of “being caught” or facing judgment or ridicule due to their enrollment. Many rehabs will paint themselves as a vacation getaway rather than a recovery program in order to protect their patients’ identities.

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Continuing Work Tasks

One of the biggest reasons that an executive professional might choose to not seek out treatment is due to not being able to abandon their heavy workload. Inpatient rehab programs are often intensive and can last for a few to several months.
Thankfully, executive drug treatment programs understand the need to continue working, both as a means of discretion and being able to proceed with your regular lifestyle during recovery. Unlike standard rehabs, in an executive treatment facility, patients are often allowed to leave for work meetings and bring their laptops in order to work on business tasks during their free time.
These treatment programs will help you learn how to keep your job tasks flowing but also allow time to recover and work through your withdrawal symptoms as you detox.

Peer Support and Personalized Counseling

One of the most underrated benefits of choosing an executive treatment center is the sense of community that comes with it. In a specialized facility, you’ll be able to connect with other victims of substance abuse and share your common experiences, struggles, and similarities.
Rehab facilities will often offer different types of peer support groups for those going through recovery. As a unified group with a health professional as a leader, you can make connections with other people who have often been through the same history that you’ve faced.
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Additionally, you will likely go through counseling or some sort of talk therapy as part of your treatment plan. During therapy at executive rehab programs, your counselor is well educated about the lives of victims who fulfill executive roles at their workplace. Due to this, you’ll receive the most personalized experience possible when going through your recovery.

How to Find the Right Executive Treatment Program

Finding the right place to start your recovery can be an overwhelming task, even for people who are used to taking on important decisions. Rehab is an intimate process that, if done successfully, will set you on a healthy path for the rest of your life. This is why it’s important to choose a drug treatment program that’s a good fit for you.
A good executive drug treatment facility will, at a minimum, have the following characteristics:

  • Professional assessment
  • Medical detox recovery
  • Guaranteed discretion & privacy
  • Options for dual diagnosis treatment
  • Support, community and therapy programs
  • A comfortable, relaxing environment

If you or someone you know suffers from a substance use disorder, consider searching for local executive rehabs near you. This can be done through your preferred search engine or a reputed rehab directory dedicated to listing treatment programs by region, type, and price.
At the heart of Orange County, Opus Health treats many executive individuals through the treatment process. The benefit of having a smaller inpatient addiction treatment program means you have the time and space you need. Recovery is confidential and there are even support groups for professionals in recovery. Get in contact with us to become connected in an executive recovery environment!
If you need help with any addiction concerns, call us at Opus Health.

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