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Addiction recovery does not stop after rehab – it continues for life afterward. Anyone who has successfully been through rehab knows how crucial it is to find a stable, supportive environment to live in while adjusting back into regular daily life after treatment. In California, there are plenty of places to live after alcoholic substance abuse. If you’re recovering from alcohol abuse, look into an alcoholism recovery house in Newport Beach, CA.

Decisions to Make After Alcohol Rehab

What you do after rehab can either make or break your recovery journey. While you can recover anywhere, without even going to rehab or aftercare homes, the more clinical and social support you get, the better the results of your recovery.
A person who is newly clean and sober from alcohol addiction deals with a lot of physical, mental, and emotional challenges – these include anger, delusion, worry, insecurity, and fear, among others. After the experience in rehab, the thought of joining a recovery house in Newport Beach can be frightening. However, the benefits that a newly clean and sober person gets from these recovery homes are too good to pass.

Benefits of Going to an Alcoholism Recovery House in Newport Beach, CA

Immediately after recovery, you have to slowly transition back to normal life, which can be confusing and especially triggering. If you do not get the social support you need from family and friends, it is easy to relapse back to the bottle. However, in a sober living house in  Newport Beach, chances of relapsing to alcoholism are lower. There are many benefits to joining a sober living home for alcoholics after recovery, including:

Self-Accountability and Responsibility

With a lack of accountability and responsibility, life can lose direction. Being accountable is one way to avoid going back to drinking alcohol. When you live in a recovery house, you follow the rules of the house. Every morning, you are required to be either contributing to the house or at work, in school, or out there looking for employment. You will also be required to attend sober meetings and pay rent before a specified date.
The houses have so many rules and regulations, but for a purpose and structure. The rules help you regain your sense of accountability and responsibility. You will have to carry out activities such as making your bed, cleaning your room, doing dishes, and cleaning the compound to make it look presentable.

Structured Life

After rehab, you need a feeling that you are living a structured life if you are to recover fully. The rules in sober homes are part of experiencing a structured life. Most addicts have no discipline. They struggle with simple discipline issues like managing time. Their work can force them to manage time until the alcohol addiction becomes very severe. Recovery homes are staffed with recovering alcohol addicts so they can relate and support you through everything that comes up. The ability to monitor the lifestyle of the recovering addicts places pressure on the residents to make them avoid going back to the bottle.
Again, residents are tested for drugs once in a while to ensure they stay clean and sober. Curfews and random meetings are also part of the structure that an alcoholic needs immediately after treatment.

Support from Peers

The idea of sending someone to a sober living home might sound counterproductive when you think deeply about it. It might feel that sending a former alcoholic addict to a group of other former addicts might not be a good idea. If you think that they might also decide to get high and bend all the rules of the house, you are not wrong – the type of alcoholism recovery houses in Newport Beach, like Opus Health, are serious about the well-being and recovery of every resident.
To be real about it: the environment does not matter if someone wants to get high – they will likely find a way to do it anywhere. However, what is often less talked about are the benefits that peer support brings to the recovering addict. Recovery might fail to take place during treatment and  12-step meetings, but with a grounded sense of peer support, recovery will be realized.
While lounging during free time, the residents share their stories and experiences with alcohol and treatment. They bounce ideas off each other and they bond. The power of the group will propel even those who are not committed to recovery to get both their feet into the process. The relationships that one creates after treatment might be a huge encouragement to keep them away from alcohol.
Recovering in the comfort of your home where friends and family members come and go might feel like a good option. However, a recovering addict will feel that family and friends do not understand them. Worse yet, there might be a temptation to return to old habits with the pressure of former friends and triggering family members.
alcoholism recovery house in newport beach

Transitional Living

When alcohol reigns in your life, you neglect necessary life skills – your life runs out of control as addiction takes all your time. Often, when you enter into rehab or join a treatment program, you will have lost touch with society. If you join an inpatient addiction treatment center, you are taken away from the community for a few more months. This gives you time to recover.
Immediately you are back from treatment; you need to learn how to be a productive member of society. Becoming productive will not happen when you are in rehab. It will also not happen when you are in the same environment you were when you were binging in alcohol. In a sober living home in Newport Beach, CA, you finally learn to interact with other people, do a few tasks, look for employment, and gain skills that will help in life.

Experience a New Environment, Organize Your Life

Soon after treatment, your old home will be detrimental to your recovery. Even for young people still living in their parents’ houses, you still need to experience a new environment that is not home. This does not mean that you need to completely change your residence, drop friends, ditch family, and completely change everything in your life. However, you might already have an unhealthy lifestyle and behavior with your home. Staying away from your home until full recovery is an excellent way to avoid a relapse.
In an alcohol recovery house in Newport Beach, California, the staff is dedicated to ensuring everyone stays sober. While change is not settling for addicts and those newly into recovery, changing your environment can help you recover fast.

Why is Alcoholism So Common In Southern California?

California has a lot of alcoholics. About 50 percent of people over the age of 12 in California drink. Worse yet, one in every twelve Californians has an alcohol dependency problem that needs treatment.
There is no single factor that takes the blame for the rising cases of alcoholism in Southern California. However, the fact that alcohol is seen in every party, every household, and every social gathering can significantly increase the chances of addiction.
In Southern California and California as a state, the growth of the craft beer industry has led to rising cases of alcoholism. The rate of alcohol misuse by teens and mothers has increased throughout the state. It has also exacerbated problems such as youth violence, trafficking, violent crimes, poisonings, injury, and fetal alcohol issues. Binge drinking is at a prevalence of 16.7% in California.

Types of Recovery Available In Newport Beach, CA

A recovery house in Newport Beach, California, provides a drug-free environment where a recovering addict finds peace. It is a therapeutic community where former alcoholic finds the social support they need to organize pieces of their life back. In these houses, in-house therapy and, at times, medical services are provided. This helps an alcoholic continue their recovery journey after treatment.
Peer Support: Here, the resident creates relationships with others who are in the process of recovery.
Drug-Free Environment: A recovery home is always drug-free. Once in a while, residents are randomly tested for drugs to ensure they stay clean and sober. This fact, in itself, motivates a resident to remain sober for long.
100-Percent Commitment: Most recovery homes require that you remain there 100 percent of the time. While you can be away for a few hours or a day, you are required to stay at home at all times.
Share the Costs: When living in a sober home, you are required to pay a part of the rent, utilities, and other expenses. Most recovery residences are self-sustaining, but some receive federal or state funding to offset the high costs. While at the sober home, you are required to either work or actively look for work.
A Home with rules: At the home, you must attend therapy in the form of AA meetings, counseling sessions, or 12-step alternatives. These therapy sessions will help you fully recover from the chains of alcoholism.

Is an Alcoholism Recovery House in Newport Beach Right for you?

Anyone recovering from alcoholism will benefit from being in a recovery residence. However, some people need a recovery house more than others. If you do not have a supportive and drug-free environment to live in, a recovery home will be great for you.
People who have been to treatment in the past but relapsed afterward and those who have been addicted to alcohol for a long time need to be in a recovery home. If you do not have a positive relationship with your friends and family members or you have recurring mental health issues, you need a recovery house.
Opus Health is a small and medically-supported drug and alcohol sober home in Orange County. The support team knows what addiction is actually like, as most of them have been there themselves. The know recovery and living a fulfilling, sober life is possible. Reach out today if you need to find a sober place to live after addiction treatment for alcohol.

If you or a loved one needs help after alcoholism treatment, call us today at Opus Health

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