Addiction Recovery for Women

When entering a women’s only residential treatment facility, every woman has their own personal and unique story that may have produced specific struggles and hardships in their life. It is for this reason that we strive to meet each of our patients on their level. The evidence-based methods at our treatment center are designed to focus on each patient’s specific conditions, hopes, and goals. The processes and procedures we implement in our recovery programs ensure an effective drug and alcohol addiction or mental health treatment program experience.

Developing a habit of drug abuse does not have to occur very often for that habit to transform into a full-blown addiction no matter the person or entity. Addiction recovery has been seen to affect women differently than to men in many ways. 

Our certified addiction specialists at Opus Health are able to recognize the large number of gender-specific complications that may occur while receiving treatment. Developing the appropriate treatment plans for each of our female patients is done carefully os that the most-effective outcomes are more likely to occur. Our team remains focused on the needs and concerns of women and are trained to provide a comfortable environment for the goal of getting sober to feel obtainable. 

Notable Differences

Recovery Support

Women benefit from different types and methods of recovery support.

Recovery Process

Women typically can progress more quickly than men in the recovery process.

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Barriers & Obstacles

Women experience many different barriers and obstacles in the effort to get help.

Mental Health

Women usually are seen to experience more mental health issues related to their addiction.

Women's Rehab Center Benefits

Personalized Therapy Options

Women often feel specific emotions that are not typically seen in men. Feelings of guilt or how they might be perceived by others because of their choice to enter an addiction rehab facility. A couple of examples of these assumptions many women fear to be thought of themselves by others could be: 

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Security & Safety

There are times where the woman considering treatment had developed their addiction to drugs or alcohol because of past traumatic events such as violence or sexual abuse. Because of this, many women may not be as comfortable opening up about these past experiences in a place where men are also present.

Residential treatment at our facility in beautiful Costa Mesa, California, provides a safe and comfortable environment that struggling individuals may hope to find. This allows our patients to be to identify the root causes of their addiction and genuinely start their healing process.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers like us at Opus Health are proud to offer options for as many struggling individuals as we can. By leveraging a multidisciplinary approach, we can provide treatment options such as:

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Addiction Factors Seen to Affect Women

The path that women lead to developing a dependency on drugs is much different than the factors that play a role and influence that same path of a man. For women, some of these factors that are frequently seen to be the cause of addiction include:

Parenting Issues

Loss of a Loved One


Fears of any Social Interaction

Self-esteem or Self-confidence Problems

Different forms of Abuse

Significant differences in the types of drugs and how they use them also have factors or circumstances to blame. For example, amphetamines and different prescription opioids are often seen abused by women in an effort to meet all the responsibilities referring to their work and family. Reasons to avoid treatment for these addiction are also common among women. These decisions to delay rehab have been seen to be caused by:

The constant worry of neglecting precious family responsibilities at home.

Fear of losing relationships with their children, friends, or other family members.

Financial instability concerns while participating in the treatment program.

Concerned that the proper care for their children will be provided while they are away from home getting treatment.

Take the Necessary Steps Today

There are many women who consider the decision to het help with their addiction is just too much of a hardship to bear. This style of thinking can easily take you away from receiving the support that is desperately needed.

Offering and being able to professionally assist all those in our program obtain sobriety through our industry-leading treatment programs is just the beginning of how we can change your life for the better. We provide opportunities of our our patients to look deep within themselves and find that strength within you that you may think had been lost to persevere and find success. Helping others to learn and develop new skills to help themselves is our specialty.

Reach out to one of our experts at Opus Health today to find out all the ways that we can provide the help and guidance that has been so dearly missed. 

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We ensure each patient in our care has the chance to see a full recovery from beginning to long-term sobriety. Our Costa Mesa Rehab Center can help you recover from addiction.

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