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Family Support During Addiction Rehab

At Opus Health, we believe that your family can be your most important support system as you go through drug rehab in our addiction treatment center. Your family unit plays a major role in your relationships with others and your own identity.

When one member of your family unit is struggling with addiction or disease of any kind, the whole family dynamic is affected. When bonds with your own family are broken (as they can be when addiction enters), you may not have the ability to provide each other unconditional support needed for healing. This is where we step in and help you reconnect with loved ones through our family therapy and support groups.

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Family Therapy

Family support allows many facets of dysfunction to be addressed in a positive, healing environment. You will be led through communication and conflict resolution activities and confront issues directly related to your drug or alcohol addiction. While this process is not pain-free, the results can be astounding. Having open communication with your loved ones, led by a therapist experienced in addiction is one of the most important aspects of emotional recovery. The ability to discuss and share in a non-threatening way breaks down walls.

During the course of your family therapy while at Opus Health, your preconceptions of the family may change and evolve. Many will focus their energy on relationships that encourage forward momentum and further healing when choosing whom to lean on following residential rehab. Sometimes this will not include family members, and in others, it may consist of only certain relationships.

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