What Type of Insurance Covers Rehab

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Which Type of Insurance Covers Rehab Treatments?

One of the significant problems that many people face when they begin to seek help for drug and alcohol addiction is considering the cost of the treatment. As we know, health care can be confusing and expensive in the United States. Therefore the cost of going to rehab can seem rather intimidating in many situations. If you have to constantly worry about finances, maybe it seems hopeless. Luckily, many a type of health insurance covers rehab.

First Detox, Then Rehab

Some people seeking treatment try to do things on their own: they opt for a “home detox” by themselves or with a friend. Although this type of detox can sometimes be successful, it’s actually fairly dangerous for physical and psychological reasons. On the other hand, some patients idealize “rehab” itself and think if they check-in and show up for a few days they will be cured. This is far from the truth. Detox must happen fully so the individual is able to focus on further recovery with a clear mind and committed heart. 


The surest way to a clean and sober start is a supervised detox or  Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)  method for the first stage of the addiction treatment process. Without proper medical detox, addiction can leave behind some side effects. Side effects include cravings, illness, mental disorders, and physical complications– none are helpful for entering rehab.

Rehab centers are the best solution. The cost of inpatient treatment is high compared to outpatient programs because you are not just paying for the treatment, but you need to pay for the in-house, quality levels of care, meals, and also other programs like counseling and therapies.

Options Where Insurance Covers Rehab

Maybe now this has you worried about the payment again, but you don’t need to be worried. It’s quite possible your insurance covers rehab treatments. To find out, communicate with your provider or call a treatment center to ask what type of insurance they accept.

Another thing to remember is that different treatment centers take different types of insurance sometimes. The key is to find one that is a good fit for you so you can peacefully concentrate on the drug and alcohol addiction treatment program rather than on the cost of the treatment.

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Many insurance companies have understood that addiction treatment should also be covered in the insurance plan. In fact, even employers give time off for medical needs that include rehab for substance use disorder.

Which insurance covers rehabs, then? Honestly, it really depends. Different types of insurance cover different types of addiction treatment:

  • Public Insurance
  • Private Insurance
  • Group Insurance

Public Insurance:

If you do not have any insurance cover for your drug and alcohol addiction treatment at rehab, then you can consider public insurance. Check if you are qualified to get public insurance under the Medicaid programs or the federal Medicare programs. You can check on the website if you are qualified for it or not. If you are qualified for the insurance policy, then check if the insurance covers rehab treatments. Yes, it is important to make sure that your insurance provider covers it as part of the insurance policy.

Along with this, there is another important thing that you need to check, and that is if your rehab center accepts public insurance from Medicaid or Medicare. Not all the Rehab centers will accept those insurance policies and payments.


A few policies will cover the partial treatment costs, and a few policies will cover the full treatment costs, but there are even specific guidelines imposed on the plans based on the income of the person. So, check all the guidelines of the rehab centers and insurance providers before you actually get started with the treatment.

Private Insurance:

The cost of private insurance plans is different when compared to public insurance plans, but the best part is they cover a greater number of health issues compared to public insurance plans. Most private insurance covers rehab treatments, and there are a number of plans to choose from.

Before you take into consideration what private insurance plans offer, you should do your research. Some people buy directly from insurance companies themselves. Others can get private insurance through their workplace. If you happen to have private insurance, make sure you know your options about addiction treatment offers and even payment plans available to you. Also, make sure that the rehab center you are opting for is accepting payment from your private insurance provider. One easy thing you can do is just ask your insurance provider which treatment facilities you can approach in your area.

Private insurance carriers are often known for having more options when it comes to healthcare, so it’s likely that many rehabs take this form of insurance.

Group Insurance:

Group insurance plans are provided by groups, such as employers for their employees. Most people do not take advantage of the benefits provided by the company for their employees. Maybe some people feel worried about the job due to one person undergoing substance abuse treatments. But many companies care about their staff and want to provide options in getting help for addiction. Group insurance can still provide the best services to the company. If you have group insurance, take advantage of it, and don’t be afraid to reach out for the help you need.

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When NO Insurance Covers Rehab:

When you have NO insurance at the moment or if you are seriously unable to find the best option, then here are some alternatives for you:

  • You should try to find addiction treatment centers that can provide you pricing based on your income levels.
  • If you have a good credit score, some treatment facilities offer payment plans over an extended period of time.
  • You can go for a crowdfunding option if you really wish to get out of the addiction problem. Many people have actually received help and support in getting their treatment funds covered by their community.
  • You can try to find rehabilitation program centers that allow you to pay on a monthly basis without you having to pay the entire treatment cost at a time. This way you will have less burden on your shoulders.

If you are trying to do something to help yourself or your loved ones through addiction, it is very important to find the best option to pay for it. You cannot give up. The insurance covers rehab treatment, but all you have to do is find the right plan for you and get enrolled for the rehab treatment.

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