How to Find a Women’s Rehab Center You Can Trust

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Statistically speaking, while men are overall more likely to develop a drug addiction, women have several unique factors playing against them when it comes to suffering from substance abuse.
There’s a higher rate of fatal overdoses or injuries caused by substance use for women. Additionally, women are more likely to relapse after recovery as well as being less likely to find help for their addiction in the first place. Knowing all of this, it is vital for women who are suffering from drug abuse to seek treatment in a women’s rehab as soon as possible.
However, finding a trustworthy gender-specific rehab might be a challenging task for many victims. It can be easy to be misled by false promises and sketchy websites. This article will give a detailed overview of how to find a women’s rehab center that will give you the treatment you need and deserve.

Why Choose a Women-only Rehab Center?

The way that women move around the world and are viewed by society is extremely different than a man’s perspective. Women have several obstacles to go through on a regular basis, such as sexism in the workplace and when receiving education. As women, especially as women who suffer from addiction, they’re extremely more likely to face sexual assault in their lifetime, or become mothers and deal with stigma due to that.
At the same time, the way women usually become addicted to and react to substance abuse is unique to their biological sex and societal roles. This is why it is extremely important to be a part of a rehab program that specializes in dealing with women’s issues.

A good women’s rehab center will provide treatment options that cater to the unique perspective and needs of a female addict. These treatment options can include dual diagnosis, sexual abuse survivors’ support groups, family counseling for mothers, personalized individual therapy, childcare and reunification, and overall providing a nurturing, supportive, and female-centered environment to go through recovery in.
Additionally, because so many women may have trauma or a troubled history sharing space with men, being a part of a co-ed rehab center may make them feel unsafe during their recovery. In this case, the security measures of being part of a women-only rehab program can be incredibly beneficial for their comfort and wellbeing.

How to Find a Women’s Rehab Center You Can Trust

Deciding on the type of rehab you want to enter is a great step towards starting your recovery. However, it’s reasonable to be overwhelmed by the number of options available for women’s rehab in your area.
While many rehab programs have solid credentials to back up their treatment plans, there are some that should be avoided in order to have a successful recovery. The following factors are some of the most important things you’ll want to consider when searching for a trustworthy rehab facility.

Staff Credentials

You wouldn’t accept anyone but a trained doctor to treat your broken leg, so you should expect the staff at your rehab center to have the appropriate background, experience level and credentials to treat you during recovery.
Many parts of recovery, such as the initial detox you will go through, can’t be accomplished without having a properly trained medical staff on hand to help you get through it. On most trustworthy rehab centers’ websites, you’ll be able to review the background of their employees, including the years of experience they may have, how high of an education they received, and their full credentials and certifications they may have obtained.

The people in charge of your therapy and counseling should be trained and educated psychologists or psychiatrists, or at the very least have an extensive background in counseling, particularly in the area of addiction and recovery. The staff available to help you while you’re detoxing and administer your medication should have the appropriate medical school experience to do that.

Licensing & Accreditation

One factor that many people don’t think of or otherwise overlook while deciding which rehab program to attend is the matter of licensing and accreditation. A rehab center you can trust should be appropriately licensed in order to meet statewide and national requirements.
In a similar sense, it is a very good sign when a rehab facility can prove that their programs have been accredited by a major, respected organization specializing in addiction treatment, such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).
This factor alone will tell you that the rehab facility has been properly evaluated and proved to be a healthy, clean and safe environment to attend by statewide standards.

Avoid Sketchy Websites

Steering clear of shady websites might sound like something obvious, but it might surprise you how many people aren’t able to identify the characteristics of what constitutes a “sketchy website”. Some rehab centers might look perfect on the surface, but they’re missing crucial details or pushing a narrative of sunshine and roses without highlighting the reality of going through recovery.
You should be scanning each rehab center’s website for a transparent perspective of recovery. If any rehab program’s website asks you for money upfront without prior consultation, or if it gives false promises of an easy, get sober quick method, it’s best to stay away.
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Reviews and Testimonials

This one goes without saying, but many people might choose to overlook it. Regardless, looking at the reviews and testimonials is an essential part of picking a rehab center. And that doesn’t just mean looking at the highlighted reviews listed on their website. Of course their official website is only going to feature the best, most positive 5-star reviews and successful testimonials they’ve gotten.
You need to look outside of their website as well, scour the internet and rehab directory review websites, maybe even find or make a local community post asking for other people’s opinions and experiences when dealing with this rehab. You should consider doing all of the above in order to properly evaluate the past experiences this rehab center has given.

Treatment Length

Before you decide on a rehab program, it’s important to understand how long a typical treatment plan usually lasts. Many victims of drug addiction might be searching for an easy way out or find themselves being impatient about how long recovery takes. Some untrustworthy and invalid rehab centers will prey upon this idea and offer a short two-week fix for full detox and recovery.
The reality is, even detox alone can wildly vary in terms of length of completion, even without taking in the rest of recovery treatment. A trustworthy inpatient treatment program will last a minimum of 30 days, often extending into 3 or 6 months.

Aftercare Options

Lastly, when considering rehab centers, you shouldn’t be thinking only about your detox and residential treatment. Recovery is a long, long process, and any women’s rehab center worth signing up for will know this and offer a variety of options for helping you continue your recovery process after your initial stay.
Aftercare options can include outpatient treatment, lifelong support groups, future counseling and family therapy, alumni programs, connections with sober living homes and communities and even offering financial aid while you get back on your feet after rehab.
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Seeking Rehab Out of State vs. Staying Local

As a woman, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a location you can start recovery in. Something many women might ask themselves is whether they want to take a local route or seek rehab outside of where they’re currently living. On one hand, if you already have a family or a community ready to help support you through your recovery process, the easiest thing for everyone will probably be to find a treatment center close to where you’re already settled.
However, many states don’t have the proper resources to offer women a comfortable and safe environment to go through rehab. Moreover, as people who are about to embark on a new life journey, they might have the urge to leave their past behind and move somewhere known to have a strong, vibrant sober living community where they’ll be most successful in their attempts to beat addiction.
Whatever decision you make, the crucial endgame goal is to find a rehab center that not only offers the best woman-focused resources and treatment you need but also a place where you feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed. To learn more about this topic, you can look at an online directory of women’s rehab centers to help you in your search.

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