Where Are the Best Sober Communities in California?

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Substance abuse and addiction is a problem that affects all parts of the world, but some regions suffer more from the consequences of its effects, due to a higher rate of drug abuse and violence. At the same time, there are certain cities and regions of the U.S that have become known for having a supportive network of sober individuals and recovery groups. This makes certain areas ideal places to build a life after recovery. This article will list the top five best sober communities in the U.S.!

What is a Sober Community?

Living in a sober community is often a crucial decision for individuals who are going through recovery. Typically, addiction recovery begins by enrolling in a rehab, where you will go through a medical detox and typically go through an inpatient treatment program. However, your path to recovery doesn’t end after you’re done there.
By entering and building a social circle in or around a sober community, whether you’re still attending outpatient treatment or another form of rehab aftercare, you’re able to be surrounded by others who are going through the same thing you are.
Sober communities provide an environment free of any drugs, alcohol and toxic substances. Its inhabitants tend to be concentrated in recovering addicts and their loved ones. The sober community includes anyone who is working to maintain a life of sobriety. In a good sober community, you’ll have nearby access to all the care options you need, including different kinds of therapy, counseling, friends, and support groups.

Top 5 Best Sober Communities in California

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most vibrant, attractive cities of Southern California. California is a state full of options for recovering from substance abuse disorders. Many of the sober living homes available in L.A believe in a variety of addiction treatment options, from holistic healing to traditional counseling.
Due to Hollywood stigma, amongst other factors, SoCal has been plagued with a high rate of drug abuse. But it’s also become one of the most popular destinations for putting that kind of life behind you and beginning a path towards sobriety. No matter your history, L.A’s sober community will welcome you with open arms and help you maintain your recovery successfully.

Orange County

It’s no secret that Orange County has become one of the most deeply affected regions of the U.S when it comes to drug addiction, particularly the opioid epidemic. However, throughout the years, Orange County has managed to see a good amount of progress through building a tight-knit community of drug and alcohol abuse survivors.
The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support group methods have been the Kickstarter for growing a strong sober community across all of Orange County, with reports saying that nearly 150 12-step meetings are held on a weekly basis in this county alone!
If those numbers don’t tell you all you need to know about how dedicated and ample their recovery community is, you might have to find out for yourself while browsing their growing list of sober living homes in Orange County.
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San Francisco & the Bay Area

San Francisco is known for having some shocking statistics, such as being home to more individuals who suffer from drug addiction than to high school teenagers. This might not be a place for regular youth to hang out in, but there’s no doubt the Bay Area has grown a hefty population of people in recovery from substance abuse.
If you want to be surrounded by a sober environment, it might be in your best interest to check out the various halfway houses and residencies available in the Bay Area. There are dozens upon dozens of transitional housing options in San Francisco alone, where you will feel a strong sense of community with your fellow survivors.

Palm Springs

At Palm Springs, there are at least fifteen of the most top-rated recovery services in the entire state of California. For those who can afford it, Palm Springs is one of the most luxurious, peaceful and relaxing destinations to live a sober life. They’re full of therapeutic activities and environments to enjoy alongside other recovering addicts.
Palm Springs neighbors many coastlines, beaches and hot springs, making it ideal for those who are looking for a sober community that is pet-friendly and promotes spiritual and holistic treatment recovery. Some of the nicer, retreat-like treatment facilities cater to executive drug addiction treatment and the elderly.

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San Diego

Known for being one of the most populated cities of the U.S, it’s no wonder San Diego has managed to build such an ample social network of sober and recovering individuals. The county of San Diego has taken a community-based approach to prevent, treating and guiding people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.
In San Diego, a welcoming social environment has been built to provide care and support for those going through drug recovery, with specialized services targeting marginalized victims such as pregnant women and LGBTQ+ youth. Their dedication to promoting a healthy recovery makes it one of the best American cities to start and maintain a sober lifestyle.
If you need to get into treatment for addiction ASAP, it’s in your best interest to head to the West and find a foundation of community during recovery. Call a local recovery center today to ask any questions or find the right support you need to get started on a new life– sober!
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