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Trauma Focused Treatment

Healing from Trauma and Addiction

Healing from trauma and addiction in our treatment center allows you to find the peace and acceptance you need. We are here to help you navigate the healing process from beginning to end. Opus Treatment staff have experienced the pain and shame that drug and alcohol addiction brings. We commit to supporting you through each therapy session, experiential activity, and life coach interactions.


While the thought of confronting past trauma and resulting addiction can seem daunting, our counselors help you navigate this new territory smoothly. No matter what your addiction is, whether it’s opiate addiction, alcohol or other drug-related addiction, you are going to need the help and support that you can only receive from a residential treatment program.


Everyone’s situation is different. This is why an individualized trauma healing plan will be developed specifically for you and all that you are dealing with. In some situations, the trauma leads to addiction. In other situations, it’s the reverse. Trauma and addiction have a tendency to play off one another. Trauma healing will take time. It will not happen overnight, but with your determination, residential treatment in Costa Mesa, CA will allow you to combat the trauma and addiction concurrently so that you can win the battle and take your life back. You will receive ongoing support, even after you’ve completed our treatment program to ensure you have access to programs that provide the necessary steps to sidestep relapse. If you are committed to getting better and taking control of your life, the chance that your addiction recovery will be successful is greatly increased.

About Trauma and Addiction

If you’re suffering from trauma and addiction, that simply means that you’ve experienced a situation that you cannot cope with. In some instances, trauma causes a constant state of extreme fear and is associated with many negative emotions that include hopelessness, helplessness, pain, loss, fear, entrapment, confusion and betrayal. Trauma can be caused by a one-time event or can develop over time as the result of a repeated occurrence. A few events that could cause significant trauma include:

Child Abuse

Sexual Assault

Natural Disasters

Violent Crimes




Such situations can leave life-long scars that make it almost impossible to cope with daily life. Those suffering from trauma often have vivid flashbacks that make them relive the trauma. In order to cope, some people turn to drugs or alcohol. Although these substances don’t take away the pain, they temporarily numb the pain. If you’ve endured a traumatic injury, it’s possible that you’ve developed an opiate addiction. Your need to treat the physical pain remains long after the injury and you will need more and more of the drug to achieve pain relief, leading to opiate addiction. The relationship between trauma and addiction is complicated because they are so tightly intertwined. You may need the help offered by our compassionate staff here at Opus Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA.

Trauma’s Effect on the Brain

The human brain is the most complex organ in the universe. A traumatic experience that involves all of the senses as well as emotions, thought and speech can become embedded in multiple regions throughout the brain. If you’ve experienced severe trauma, you will begin to adjust your thoughts and routine based on the memories evoked by that trauma.

Getting help for such issues can be difficult because of the self-loathing, resentment and anger you may feel. Addiction problems are high for this very reason. Once the addiction takes hold, breaking free and dealing with the underlying trauma becomes almost impossible. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t despair. You can get help for your drug addiction and heal from the trauma you’ve experienced by seeking help with Opus Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA.


“I came to residential rehab pretty broken. Working through my PSTD gave me a lot of insight into my drinking. Now, I can tell everyone I beat it and I am one year sober.”  Former Client

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