Paying With Insurance

We understand finances can be a main stressor when seeking treatment for addiction. At Opus Health, we want everyone to have an opportunity to get the recovery they need without worrying about spending a fortune. This is why we are always open to preadmission assessment for your or your loved one.
The Pre-Admission Assessment Includes:
Reach out and take the first step. Speak directly to a professional

If you have insurance, many private health plans cover a portion if not all of the cost of substance abuse treatment.

Top insurance companies that cover addiction treatment services:



BlueCross BlueShield

Anthem BlueCross

Contact us at Opus Health to discuss any other forms of payment for your current type of treatment.

Opus Health is different than other drug & alcohol treatment centers in Orange County, California. 

We believe in the full-integrated recovery of each individual. We specialize in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), psychological & psychiatric care, daily doctor’s visits, and ongoing support from staff. 

We ensure each patient in our care has the chance to see a full recovery from beginning to long-term sobriety. Our Costa Mesa Rehab Center can help you recover from addiction.

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