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How Do I Find An Ethical Treatment Center?

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What is an Ethical Treatment Center and How Can I Find One?

People who are suffering from addiction and know they need to get help will hopefully come to the decision to look for a treatment center. However, there are both unethical and ethical treatment centers out there – so it can be difficult to find one that is right for you, worth your time, offers client-focused treatment, and isn’t just out for your money.

Many people may not realize that such a thing as an unethical treatment center exists. However, there are many unethical treatment centers in Southern California that are simply financially driven and do not care about their patients. These addiction treatment centers spend little resources on client care and do not provide top-of-the-line treatment and care as ethical centers do. There are also treatment centers that engage in unethical and illegal marketing practices in order to bring patients back in – sometimes going as far as encouraging them back to rehab after relapse.

When looking for a  treatment center, it’s essential to locate an ethical treatment center that will offer the best in client care. Here, we will discuss what exactly an ethical treatment center is and help you to find one. But first, more on unethical centers below.


Be Aware When Browsing The Web: About Unethical Centers

Using the web is a great way to speed up the process of finding a treatment center, but it’s also important to be careful. It’s all too easy to get sucked into unethical treatment centers and their ploys this way.

When searching online for addiction treatment, many websites, adverts, and phone numbers may look like helplines, when in actual fact they are simply sending you to a specific treatment center for money. Time is important when somebody decides they need treatment for addiction. This person needs to find a center that has openings, accepts their insurance, and meets their needs in other ways. It could only be a short matter of time before they decide against getting help. This is why knowing exactly what to look for and what to avoid is key in finding the right center fast.

Many people end up feeling vulnerable and desperate when picking a treatment center, and this means unethical practices within treatment centers have risen. The owners of these centers know exactly what to do to draw in the vulnerable people that they should be helping. They are now all too common in the industry and must be avoided.

ethical treatment center

One of the most unethical practices you will see in this industry is something called “patient brokering”. This is where a third party receives money for sending a pre-qualified patient to a treatment center. The third party is designed to look like a helpline, but could actually be making between $1,000 and $7,000 per patient that they refer. The practice remains common even though there are now laws against patient brokering.

Then there are facilities sending $1,200 bills to patients for $5 drug tests. It also isn’t uncommon to find centers incentivizing patients to stay in treatment, or even centers that are paying people to relapse in order to return to treatment. These things may seem highly unlikely, but they do happen. It’s a scary thought, which is why you absolutely must be aware of what to look for in the right center. You do not want to get on a path to recovery only to have the very people who are supposed to be helping you encourage you to relapse.

What Is An Ethical Treatment Center and How Do I Find One?

Now, let’s talk more about what an ethical treatment center is and how you can find one. An ethical treatment center will not practice anything shady, and will instead offer effective treatment designed in the best interests of each patient. Individualized treatment is key in order for each patient to get better. Here are some pointers that could help you to find the ideal center for your needs:

Accreditations And Certifications


Many centers may look legit, but just because they have a website and some fancy copy, doesn’t mean that they are. Accreditations and certifications are a good way to figure out whether a center is worth your time. Highly regarded rehab centers also tend to be members of larger recovery groups, which is a good sign.

Make no mistake; reputable organizations will always display information about their accreditation publicly on their site. Look for these credentials, and if you cannot see any accreditations you should inquire about why not if you get less than a satisfactory answer or some jargon that doesn’t really add up, steer clear and instead find a center with the right credentials. Don’t let an unethical center swindle you into believing you aren’t entitled to see their certifications or anything of the sort. You are well within your rights to know what qualifications these people have.

Make Sure You Ignore Aggressive, Pushy Centers

A recovery center that is worth your time and money is never going to pester you or seek you out online to get you to join them. The client must come to their own decision with the information that is available. Beware of other ‘recovering addicts’ being overly pushy about you joining a specific center. They could actually be employed by the unethical center and be paid for this.

If they are doing things like cyber-stalking, social media bombardment, and in-person solicitation outside of other facilities, you can be sure that it is a bad idea to go there. You should never feel pressured or uncomfortable when you’re trying to get clean. A real center will be warm and have a nice atmosphere, and you’ll feel good and sure that you want to go there for your treatment.

Make Google Your Best Friend

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Before making a major decision such as where to receive your treatment, you should make Google your best friend. Do not commit to a program before looking for the genuine, positive feedback. You should be able to find this on a number of third-party sites to gauge whether the facility is a good one or not. Yelp is a good site to check out. If you struggle to find good reviews or things seem a little bit too good to be true and you’re not sure what you find is genuine, it’s best to steer clear or get a second opinion from somebody you trust.

Although poorly run facilities are almost always an exception, you still need to be on your guard if you’re in recovery or wish to be. This is a tough time in your life, but recovery will always be worth it. Doing your due diligence and knowing what to look for in both ethical and unethical centers will help you to make the best decision for your future.

If you’re searching for treatment alone, consider recruiting somebody who genuinely cares for you to help you do research and find the right place. They may be able to notice things that you do not. You may also want to compare the benefits and highlights of various treatment options so you know which will help you most based on your needs.

For instance, having a doctor on site  40+ hours weekly as well as 24/7 nursing will be a huge help on your road to recovery. Here at Opus Treatment, our caring staff is always available and our MD is actively working with patients more than 40 hours per week. Transparency within a center is also key, and a center should always be truly client-focused and individualized. Our IMS Detox and Residential Rehab programs have helped many men overcome a past of drug addiction. Give us a call today and learn what an ethical treatment center is really like.

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