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To inspire and empower individuals and families affected by addiction

The road that leads to addiction recovery is a long journey that requires determination and hard work. Realizing you have a problem that is beyond your control is the first step in getting help. If you’re seeking help for an illicit drug addiction in Costa Mesa, CA, then you are probably wondering what you need to do to be admitted to a rehab facility. Getting help can be a little easier if you know what’s involved in rehab admission.

Steps Taken for Rehab Admission

Your situation is unique and a plan of action must be derived to combat your addiction and get you on the road to recovery. The basic steps to being admitted to Opus Treatment are:

Psychotherapy, as well as counseling, will be used to address your issues. A plan of action will help you cope with the stresses of daily life and ultimately lead to an addiction-free life.


Researching Options. No two situations are exactly alike. There are many options for addiction recovery in Costa Mesa, CA. You will need to evaluate the severity of your addiction, as well as the duration, and your personal situation to determine which treatment plan is for you.


Intake. This step requires you to answer questions and you are encouraged to ask questions to determine if the treatment program is a good fit for you and your situation. During this phase, you may also need to undergo some diagnostic tests and screenings so that Opus Treatment can address your issues and formulate a plan that best fits your needs.


Detoxification. When you are suffering from an illicit drug addiction, including prescription drug addiction, or alcohol, you must go through the detoxification process. The detox experience can be very hazardous to your health because of the dangerous side effects of withdrawal which can include seizures, nausea and even death. These withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. Opus Treatment in Costa Mesa can combat these negative side effects and ensure you will make it through the detox process.


Rehabilitation. Seeking residential treatment admission is wise if you want to treat your illicit drug addiction. You can easily seek treatment from Opus Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA knowing you will not be judged and it is the goal of everyone around you to help you take control of your life.


On-going Recovery. Addiction recovery doesn’t stop with rehab admission and treatment. It is a life-long commitment that requires your constant attention. You have to be fully committed to staying clean and seeking help when you need it so that you may avoid relapsing. The professionals at Opus Treatment will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success during and after treatment.

Anyone can suffer from a prescription drug addiction or illicit drug use. Addiction doesn’t play favorites. It affects people from all walks of life. Many people take medications prescribed by a doctor to treat a variety of conditions and they feel completely safe doing so. However, many of these drugs are meant to be used short-term to treat pain, insomnia, depression and a number of other conditions. Unfortunately, the addiction begins to control a person’s life because they need the medication more often and in higher doses to achieve the desired result. This leads to addiction. Instead of feeling like you’re alone in your addiction, take action and seek residential treatment admission. Opus Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA has the resources to help you get your life back.

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